• Check in 24h

    Allow your guests to access your apartments with their smartphones only during their stay.

  • Generate temporary accesses

    Use the Administration Panel to define who enters, from where and at what time.

  • Open from anywhere

    Manage accesses wherever you are. As a owner you will be able to open any door without limitation by location.



  • Improve the image of your company

    Allow your employees to access the office with their smartphone from day one.

  • Day control

    Know at all times who has a copy of the keys, avoid duplicates and delete the key with just one click without the need for physical presence.

  • Manage schedules access

    Create personalized access schedules according to department or employee.

Success stories

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”Although it goes against my own company, I can't stop recommending the solution to other industry partners. When you find a system that produces such great happiness, it is inevitable to discuss it with other people.”

Enrique Alcántara, Stay U-Nique CEO

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”I would recommend Akiles to all people who want to eliminate bureaucracy or inefficient physical elements. There is no better solution than having an app and a cloud system that allows you to manage everything.”

Bernat Farrero, Itnig CEO

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