akiles means a key less

A key less

/ ə ki lɛs /

Our mission is to allow any individual or company to manage one or more properties, in a 100% remote, scalable and secure way, eliminating all operating costs related to the movement of people to give someone access or take it away.

Akiles was born in 2017 as a response to the high operational and logistical costs that owners and managers of large, geographically distributed real estate portfolios must face when managing who accesses, when and where with keys and cards. In addition, the lack of digital native solutions that have 100% control over the design and development of all the necessary technology to ensure completely remote management for owners and managers, even in environments where there is no Internet or electricity in the buildings, has allowed us to position ourselves as leaders in categories of the real estate sector where the type of "millennial" tenant demands excellence in technology and user experience. Today, thanks to the trust of our clients, our permanent challenge of the technological state of the art and our vocation for service, Akiles manages more than 1 million accesses on a monthly basis in categories such as tourist apartments, hotels, "colivings", promotions "Build to Rent”, schools, coworkings or offices, among many others.