Manage your access remotely in a simple and comfortable way, and improve the user experience of your guests.

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Akiles Cloud

Manage your access remotely

Create unlimited digital keys

Configure and secure the keys as it suits you, either defining a time period, a schedule or an opening area.

Share digital keys by email or link

Define how the member will access Akiles; through a magic link (a link that can be shared), an email, several emails, one or more pins, one or more cards or all at the same time.

You have been invited to Akiles

Hi guys, here are the keys!
Set up admin users

Configure which people you want to give access to the Akiles Cloud administration panel and determine the different levels of accessibility for each one of them.

Control who when and from where

Know who has access to any of your doors, the device which is using and the IP is connecting from.

Browser IP Device Where
View, filter and export Access logs

Filter the Access logss by user, door, group or location, and export the data in the format that suits you the best.

John Doe Akiles Office
1 minute ago
John Doe Akiles Office
1 hour ago
John Doe Akiles Office
yesterday 10:09

Akiles App

Improve the user experience of your guests.


Guests can have access to multiple locations and organizations. They will be able to search and locate them on the map.


Users can log in with multiple emails/accounts at the same time.

Contact information

Add email, phone and instructions to each location to ease the arrival of your guests.

Carrer de Miquel Àngel, 118, Barcelona, Spain


Bienvenido a las oficinas virtuales de Akiles.

Abre tranquilo! Éste es un link de ejemplo el cual no abre la puerta de nuestra oficina.

Street door

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Landing door

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Room door

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Open help

No matter the door, with Akiles your guests will know how to access any access.

Error help

Expired reservation, out of schedule, unauthorized remote opening, offline device ... No matter the error, the user will always know what is wrong and how to solve it.

Street door

gadget button locked

Landing door

gadget button locked

Room door

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Integrate Akiles with any third party software such as Guesty, Avantio, Icnea, Nexudus, Cobot, Optix, OfficeRnD, Croissant ...


"With its API, the integration was in just 5 minutes."

Akiles Apps Marketplace

Use any of the applications available in our marketplace to integrate your management system with Akiles.

Akiles API

Eliminate the complexity of a multi-space access management system has never been easier.
Your technical team won't waste time trying to bridge non-sense legacy systems.
Thanks to open documentation and our "developers first" philosophy, your integration will be ready in minutes and not months.

Simple integration

The user interacts with our mobile application. Automate users, permissions, schedules, and groups management.

Full integration

The user never interacts through Akiles application. Create a complete experience with your brand and implement a business logic adapted to your needs.
We offer you the safest and most scalable infrastructure of apps for digital access management.