Akiles Gateway creates a private BT5 network to communicate with up to 25 Akiles devices at a time, and provides them with connectivity to the Akiles Cloud via LAN or 4G.

akiles gateway provides internet to akiles devices

Proprietary BT5 network

Why do Akiles devices use BT5 and not Wifi?

BT5 is low power, Wifi is not.

Thanks to Akiles Gateway we do not depend on Wi-Fi and the batteries of the devices last much longer.

Akiles' BT5 network is stable.

In a Wifi network, someone can change the password, turn off the router or reconfigure it.

Akiles' BT5 network is private.

In a Wifi network someone with access to the network can see the traffic, with Akiles nobody who has access to the Wifi can see anything.


Between devices

BT5 Long Range (40 m indoor)


Ethernet, LTE CAT-M, NB-IoT, GPRS

With your smartphone

BT4.X (Low energy)

Number of devices

Up to 25 connected devices


Actualizaciones automáticas (OTAs)

Se actualiza periódicamente el firmware de los dispositivos con las últimas funcionalidades y mejoras en seguridad, sin ningún tipo de afectación del servicio. Tus accesos se mantendrán seguros y actualizados.

Comunicaciones x2 encriptadas

Seguridad extremo a extremo en todas las aperturas, con encriptación agnóstica a la capa de transporte, tipo de instalación y método de acceso.

Technical spec

  • Mounting

    Standalone/Wall (optional).

  • Dimensions

    62 x 64 x 25 mm

  • Signaling

    1 indicator light (RGB LED).

  • Power Supply

    5V DC (Consumption < 1W).

  • Material

    ABS V0 Polished

  • Color

    White RAL 9016.

  • Connectivity

    BT (5.0, 4.x). ADSL/Fibre (Ethernet via router).

  • Ports

    1 Ethernet port (RJ-45 connector). IEEE 802.3 compliant, 10-BASE-T

  • Firmware updates

    Over-the-Air (OTA).

  • Temperature range


  • Relative humidity range

    10..90% (non-condensing).

  • IP grade

    IP20 (Exclusive indoors use).