Smart Lock System for build to rent

Keyless, scalable and secure access management

Avoid key loss and duplications, lock changes and key deliveries. With Akiles, tenants can access any space with their smartphone, card or one-person pin code.

akiles smart lock system for build to rent

“Incredible efficiency improvement.”

All access, the same technology

Manage all access to homes and common areas through Akiles Cloud, whether they are rooms, common areas, garage doors, elevators, swimming pools, entrance gates and sliding doors through Akiles Cloud, wherever you are.

akiles can open main doors
akiles can open turnstiles
akiles can open garage doors
akiles can control lifts

Digital keys are more powerful and secure

Keys and physical cards are not comfortable for the new generations. With Akiles, tenants will be able to open with their smartphone or one-person pin code, share keys via WhatsApp, open remotely for deliveries and much more.

More comfortable, scalable and efficient management

Forget about keys or physical cards management, losses and duplications and the permissions of external services and common areas. Manage and control your access in real time, remotely.

You have been invited to Akiles

Hi guys, here are the keys!

Integrate your management system with Akiles

Automate access management permissions to rooms and common areas, swimming pools and gyms.
Check our integration marketplace or contact your management software for more information!

Remote opening for deliveries

Akiles will always allow you and the people on your team and tenants you decide to remotely open any access that has our system installed.

Akiles also allows offline openings

If your tenants do not have Internet, have lost their phone or the house has lost connection, our devices allow access with a one-person pin code that your guests can use at any time.

The experience of your tenants, our priority

No matter the access, with Akiles your tenants will know how to access any of them, we allow them to access any of the spaces that you choose with just one click.

Carrer de Miquel Àngel, 118, Barcelona, Spain


Welcome to Building X!

You can park in garage spaces Z and Y.

The wifi password is XXXXXXXXX.

Street door

gadget button locked

Landing door

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Room door

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