Smart Lock System
for short-term rentals

Keyless, remotely and automated check-in

Manage your short-term rentals access remotely and forget about key deliveries. Your guests will access the tourist apartment with their smartphone, card or one-person pin code, at any time.

akiles smart lock system for short term rentals

"I can't stop recommending it."

All your access, the same technology

Our system is compatible with any type of access: main doors, community portals, garages and elevator.
Your guests won't need physical keys to access.

(*) The community portal can be opened without installing anything outside the home. You won't need authorization from the neighborhood community.

John Doe has opened Street Door

John Doe Akiles Office
1 minute ago
John Doe Akiles Office
1 hour ago
John Doe Akiles Office
yesterday 10:09

Digital keys are more secure, traceable and smart

All access to your tourist apartments will be registered in the Akiles Cloud so you'll always know who enters, when, from which device and IP.

Centralized access management, wherever you are

With Akiles Cloud you can open and close doors, register users, assign reservations, schedules and key rings centrally, remotely and instantly.

You have been invited to Akiles

Hi guys, here are the keys!

Automate the check-in

Integrate your PMS with Akiles through the Akiles Apps Marketplace and automate the process of creating users and assigning digital keys to them.
Check our integration marketplace or contact your PMS for more information!

Real-time security alerts

You can rest assured, you will receive notifications every time someone access your spaces, forces the door or gives permission to a third party to open it.

John Doe has opened Street Door

WARNING! Main door is being tampered

Akiles also allows offline openings

If your guests do not have Internet, have lost their phone or your tourist apartment has lost connection, our devices allow access with a one-person code that your guests can use at any time.

The experience of your guests, our priority

We guide them to your apartment, we show them the useful information that you have configured for each apartment and we allow them to access through the community portal and through the door of the house with just one click.

Carrer de Miquel Àngel, 118, Barcelona, Spain


Welcome to apartment X!!

Please don't make noise after 10pm.

The wifi password is XXXXXXXXX.

Happy stay!

Street door

gadget button locked

Landing door

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Room door

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