akiles smart locks system

Smart access

Manage your access on the cloud

Smart Locks compatible with
any type of access


Our product ecosystem allows you to connect to the Internet and remotely manage any type of access and automatism.

Community doors, main house doors, interior doors such as rooms or offices, garage doors, sliding doors, revolving doors, building access turnstile, motorized local blinds and elevators, among others.

akiles can open main doors
akiles can open turnstiles
akiles can open garage doors
akiles can control lifts
akiles can open revolving doors



Akiles Smart Locks stay in sync with the Akiles Cloud 24/7; you will be able to create and delete digital keys without worrying about eventual loss of connection.


End-to-end security in all openings, with transport layer, installation type and access method agnostic encryption.

Centralized access management,
on your smartphone.

Manage and control any access remotely, securely and in real time, either with the App, or from any web browser.

akiles headquarters map with geo protection

Define restrictions according to schedule, stays and location.

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Create and share unlimited digital keys.

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Avoid copies of keys and receive door notifications on your smartphone.

Puerta principal

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Manage and open your doors remotely.

iphone framework
ipad framework akiles cloud admin panel screenshot example


Do you have your own management system for managing your spaces?

Do you have your own App and do you want your users to use it to access your spaces?

Do you use that of a third party?

Do you want to be able to generate digital keys in an automated way?

Akiles has an API through which you can integrate the key creation process in any management system and App that you are already using or want to use.

In addition, in Akiles Apps Marketplace we have Available integrations that, with just one click, you can use right now!

akiles solutions background


Our software includes functionalities that will allow you, wherever you are, to manage all the access permissions of all your users to any of your spaces.

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