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A Cloud ecosystem that brings efficiency

akiles cloud based access control smart lock devices

We install our devices in the accesses of your offices

Akiles devices are compatible with all types of accesses: doorway, main door, parking, turnstiles...

akiles cloud based access control software offices

We bring you an administration panel that allows you to remotely manage all accesses

akiles cloud based access control access methods

We provide you with different keyless entry methods (with mobile phone, PIN code, etc.)

Technology 100% developed by Akiles

Gain efficiency

Office Managers and HR staff will be able to optimize their daily work thanks to efficient and centralized access management.

Save costs

Forget about key copies or costly cylinder changes in case of loss.

Improve employee experience

Grant autonomy to your team and avoid dependence on third parties.

Increase security

Have full traceability of all accesses that occur in your office.

Benefits of digitizing your access control

Success stories

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"Akiles has solved our key control problem."

Àlex Esteve


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"Akiles has brought us simplicity and efficiency."

Alejandro Teruel

Chief People Officer at BIPI

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"It gives us a lot of agility, flexibility and traceability."

Ramón Casals

Cofounder & CFO at Refruiting

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"Akiles has really helped me optimize my time. It's amazing."

Marina Espino

HR Manager at VONZU

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“Akiles allows us to manage all access with absolute traceability.”

Kevin Jorge

Manager "La Ola" (Honna Surf)

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Akiles at a glance

Create members and assign them to groups (employees, cleaning staff, etc.)

iphone framework akiles smart lock ecosystem member keyring

Configure opening restrictions according to schedules, rooms, or location

iphone framework akiles smart lock ecosystem remote opening security

Send access permissions easily via e-mail or WhatsApp

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akiles smart lock ecosystem keys sharing whatsapp mail

A system that grows with you


Create unlimited users and access permissions


Control access to all your offices, regardless of their location

100% remote

Manage all accesses without moving and open doors remotely

Why Akiles

akiles install in less than 24h 2
System start-up in 24h

akiles installs are made by our own technicians
Installations carried out by our technicians all over the world

akiles hardware firmware software own developed 2
Hardware, Software and Firmware developed by Akiles

akiles support is 24h 7days
24/7 support service

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install Akiles? And how soon can I have the system up and running in my office?

Akiles installations are very fast. On average, our technicians complete the installation in about 30 minutes.

As for the start-up of the system, you can start using it immediately after the installation: you only need to register your team members (it is a very simple and intuitive process). Once completed, your team will be able to use Akiles to access the office.

Is Akiles compatible with any type of door?

Correct. With more than 17,000 doors installed, we can install any typical office access: parking barriers, automatic access doors, swinging or rotating turnstiles, glass doors, meeting room doors, main doors, etc.

What opening methods will my team be able to use to enter the office?

Akiles systems offer the following opening methods:

  • Remote opening (from anywhere) by administrators.
  • Mobile opening via App (downloadable via Google Play Store / App Store) or via link (no App download required).
  • Opening through PIN codes configurable, editable and revocable remotely.
  • Opening through NFC cards configurable, editable and revocable remotely.

Will my team be able to open doors from anywhere or at any time?

Only if you want to. Akiles offers multiple opening restrictions, which you can apply to the different members of your team:

  • Restriction by schedules: You can create specific office access schedules. Outside these hours, members will not be able to access the office. For example, you can create a specific schedule for office staff (Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm) and another for cleaning staff (only Wednesdays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm).
  • Restriction by geolocation: You can decide the distance from which your team members can open the office doors. This option allows, for example, that any Akiles administrator can open doors from anywhere, while other profiles can only do it when they are in person in the space.
  • Start and end dates: You can set a start and end date for the access permissions of different Akiles members. For example, if the maintenance staff has to perform a one-week intervention, you can configure their access permissions to have a start and end date, and they can only access during that period.

What happens if I have any questions or problems with Akiles systems?

At Akiles we have a customer support service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both by e-mail and telephone. This service includes the displacement of our technical team in case of need.

If you have any doubts or questions about the functioning of our systems, we will be happy to attend you through any of the channels that we put at your disposal.

What happens if I have no power/internet at the office? Will I still be able to access it?

Yes, Akiles systems will allow you to continue to access your office even if there is no power, Internet, or if users have no phone or mobile data.

  • In the case of no electricity/Internet in the space or no mobile data, our systems still allow opening by PIN code, card or BT4 (by bringing the mobile phone close to the device).
  • In the case of not having a mobile phone, users will still be able to access using PIN code or card.

In short, in any of the above cases, access to your offices is guaranteed.

What happens if someone on my team loses their phone or has it stolen?

Security is not compromised. The user can log in from another smartphone or tablet and close the session that was open on the lost or stolen smartphone.